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End of last Month, We finished another big product. We had make a Automatic Line for Bosch Car! Good Job! Everyone, we will Do Better and Better GLcodes is a leading supplier of various barcode products (barcode scanner and barcode printer) and its related consumables & accessories for more than 10 years. We have our […]

Warehouse operators are increasingly turning to technology to drive process optimisation to meet customer expectations, and according to a recent study, Internet of Things technologies are one of the core reasons for this growth. In the recently released Warehouse Vision Study, Zebra Technologies surveyed 1,370 IT and warehouse operations professionals on their opinions in 2015 […]

The simple idea that a small patch of black and white lines could identify an item has revolutionised the way that we shop since barcodes were first used to sell a packet of chewing gum in 1974.   Now scientists from Princeton University hope that the same idea could transform conservation, after they developed a […]

All products for Barcode Scanner get CE, ROHS and FCC Certification Today! Everything is Ready now! We have almost all kinds barcode scanner. 1D handheld barcode scanner, 2D handheld barcode scanner, wireless barcode scanner. qr barcode scanner, bluetooth barcode scanner and etc.   We provide our hardware and software to many famous enterprises. Such as […]

Barcode scanners will stand in the way of trespassers at Delhi airport’s entry gates from next week following security scare over frequent incidents of people sneaking in with bogus e-tickets. Authorities are introducing the pilot project close on the heels of intelligence warnings that in the absence of a biometric system- the country’s most sensitive […]

The humble barcode has been a regular part of grocery store shopping since 1974, with the first ever product being scanned on June 26th of that year. Since then, they have become almost invisible, with some package designs finding ingenious ways to hide or dress up their somewhat garish appearance. However, with smartphones and apps […]

With 605 patents to his name, Jerome Lemelson (1923-1997) was one of the most prolific and enthusiastic inventors in U.S. history. (He and his bride spent part of their honeymoon at the U.S. Patent Office.) His high-tech mechanisms contributed significantly to the invention of industrial robots, fax machines, cordless telephones and camcorders. But it was […]